innovation and job creation with a purpose

These hats are handmade from recycled plastic shopping bags

Creating employment

Each Jabonghat purchased ensures ongoing employment of one more lady from the rural settlements

provide education

Each Jabonghat sold contributes to an education fund for the children in the rural settlements

clean up plastic

Jabonghats are made from recycled plastic shopping bags and it takes more than 20 bags to make 1 hat.

Our Story

Like all great ideas, Jabonghats started in a very small way. Graham MacLarty (Gray) went to collect some workers from a local informal settlement in KwaZulu, Natal and one of the guys, Mbojane, was wearing an interesting looking hat.

Gray, being fluent in Zulu, asked him about the hat and he said his mom makes them so Gray ordered one for himself – and that was the start of the hats. As his sisters and friends came to stay for the Christmas holidays, they all wanted hats.

Then Gray said that they are such a great idea and asked his Mom, Beth, to take them to the local Christmas Market where they were an enormous hit.

Two Gogos (Grandmothers) started making them and within 2 months have been joined by another 3 Gogos – they made 85 in this short time and the business is growing.. What people don’t realise is it the Gogos who are responsible for looking after the kids while the parents are away looking for work in the cities. And these old ladies need to educate these children.

The hats are now called Jabonghats as ‘Jabong’ is Gray’s name in Zulu – an acknowledgement to him of what he has done for them.

The business is now managed by Beth, and a friend of hers from a neighbouring farm – Angie. They are responsible for Social Media advertising and general marketing. They are setting up collection points for plastic bags and other marketing ideas.

tough and durable

  • They are light
  • Not hot as most people think they will be
  • They float so are great for swimming and other water activities
  • You can put them in the washing machine
  • Scrunch them up and they always look cool.


  • Clean up that settlement from plastic
  • Create an income
  • Fund education
  • Keep the plastic out of the rivers and the ocean

it takes 20 – 30 plastic bags to make one hat!

The plastic bags are washed, cut into strips and then hand crocheted into hats. But these Gogos are encouraging the young people to get involved in making hats as well – a wonderful initiative.

jabonghats – The Best little hats in the world

Saving the planet one hat at a time . Each hat is handmade by the Gogos and every hat sold recycles plastic and contributes to educating their grandchildren .

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